Nick Burgoyne

Photographing Balinese


Hello! I have been living in Bali for most of the last 30 years. My passion is taking photos of Balinese people, especially elders and farmers, and the land where they live and work. Please browse the site and contact me to buy prints of my images!

The Balinese Secret of Happiness

This book is designed to make you happy!

My first book is a mixed study of Balinese people and the landscapes where they live and work. Over the course of the few years I was shooting and editing these images, I realised that as I looked through them I felt a palpable sense of serenity and happiness. This book is offered in the hope it can do the same for everyone!

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Beauty comes in all forms. In this case it comes in the form of breathtaking vistas and the faces of real people. This collection of photos is by a photographer with an artist's eye for color and composition; but also the heart to allow him to find wonder in faces most of us would pass by without a second thought. This book definitely deserves to be seen.

A truly beautiful book
that will make you smile.

Tracy S - May 2021

I'm already a fan of the author's photography and own two of his prints. What a pleasure it is to have even more of his magical pictures at my fingertips, to look at whenever I wish. Nick's photography is a balm and a refreshment to a tired, stressed-out soul. Highly recommended.

Gorgeous photography to lose yourself in

Desiree Valenzuela - June 2021

A lovely book that captures not only beautiful places in Bali but the personalities that make it.
Love to see more...

Seeing pleasure in Bali

JSH - May 2021

This is a beautiful book that really finds some kind of essence of what I remember of Bali. The life that Nick has captured in his subjects is truly remarkable. I hope there are many more to come.


Robert - May 2021

Absolutely beautiful book. I'd give it fifty stars if I could.


Nov 2021

My Book is for Sale on - Buy It Here!