Nick Burgoyne is creative. The highest expression of this is his children - Ben and Jemima and after decades of 'spiritual seeking' (and finding) he has found parenthood to be the highest 'Meaning of Life' - certainly completely fulfilling the biological imperative.

He has been writing commercially for many years, ghosting for several authors and creating a great deal of website content. He has written poems and songs for four decades and a smattering of fiction as well. His novel, however, is still 'in development'...

Over the years he has also taken tens of thousands of photographs, and one or two are pretty good. The most recent are here Nick's Viewbug Gallery and here Nick's Instagram Page There is a gallery of Bali Photography here
Many years ago he was sure he was going to be a professional musician. These days he is occasionally hopeful that someone will want to make him a famous songwriter instead! http://nickburgoyne.com/nix-mp3/

Nick was a volunteer after the Bali Bombing of 2002 - which seems like half a lifetime ago now - and there is an archive of material from then, here.

Of course he's on Facebook