Text for Dreamswood / Gecko Spirit Website - June 2006

If you wish to see elephants running off your table or the tables themselves seem to walk out of your room, you have two choices. Sample from the range of exotic and sometimes challenging hallucinogenic drugs revered by man since the dawn of time; or deliberate and ponder the exotic and not-challenging furniture of Dreamswood.

Dreamswood / Gecko Spirit do exactly what they say on the packet: they create dreams in wood. Beautiful dreams which your grandchildren and their grandchildren will cherish long after those who made and admired this furniture today have died and crumbled to dust.

What price can you put on these heirlooms? Luckily you donít have to as the team price them for you. And they are remarkably good value for money.

Slabs of solid teak, rosewood and other exotic hardwoods become living, breathing pieces of art. These are works inspired by the juxtaposing of intelligence, art and nature; man, machine and organic.

The style is ultra-modern, functional and striking. The proof of this furniture is empiric. You have to experience these pieces; sit on them and run your hands over their surfaces. Beautiful. Serious. Imperial.

Dreamswood / Gecko Spirit pieces make a statement in your office, home or studio. Please take your time to browse this presentation to appreciate the scope of their work. Of course this is a small sample of the many designs and styles Dreamswood create. Please contact bruno@geckospirit.com for more details of the designs you see here or to discuss custom designs.