Bali Polo, Indonesia

Article for Sidelines Magazine

John Grimes has been busy this year promoting polo on the exotic island of Bali, to a people who are awed and inspired by the displays of horse-man harmony.

John was in Bali two years ago during the tragic bombings in Kuta. He was very much involved with the care of the wounded in the hospitals and was credited with saving at least two lives. His experiences lead him to the desire to do something on-going to help and he came up with the idea of introducing polo to the island.

The temporary home of the Royal Bali Polo Club is at the private Sidartha Stables, situated close to the Kuta district. Bapak Putu Sidartha keeps a herd of fine horses and has a large ring in which to practice and has graciously provided his facilities for club use. He is a nationally renowned dressage rider & founding contributor to the local canine rescue organization, Yudisthira Bali Dog Foundation.

The day following the bombing, the tourists fled and Bali’s tourist industry was devastated. Since most business in Bali is conducted in this and ancillary businesses, everyone on the island was effected. Mr. Grimes says, “My hope is that promoting polo matches will help people outside view Bali as a more secure and enjoyable setting for a great holiday.”

“We have staged some practice games on the beach which have been enjoyed by locals and tourists alike and hope to play our first arena fund-raising game this October.”

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