Mozaic – Chris Salans

Review for Best Bets 2004


Widely quoted by expatriate chefs as “The Best Chef On The Island”, Chris Salans’ restaurant, Mozaic, exceeds expectations.

The New Yorker Magazine said it was the ‘Best Deal On The Planet’ and it’s true; for the price of a starter in New York you’ll dine till replete.

After a few mouthfuls of food, one begins to enter an altered state. The body falls instantly in love and beseeches the mind to eat no other food but that prepared by Chris Salans.

Dishes are inspired by the day’s ingredients and the menu is printed daily.

Moulard Duck Fois Gras Ravioli, Boneless Victoria Quail or Rabbit Moroccan Pastilla and a spectacular vegetarian selection conspire to entrap the senses in ecstasy.

Dining at Mozaic makes one laugh – celebrate the joy of eating!