C151 SEMINYAK Luxury SMART™ Villas
5 Star Living in 21st Century Bali


Article for The Yak Magazine, 2nd Quarter 2006

There are those who crave a Bali of old. The Bali where the electricity was off more than it was on, the Bali where one had to pump the water into the mandi before washing and the Bali without telephones and internet. Me, I prefer today’s Bali. OK, so most of us still have a rather sad internet connection and many of us would prefer not to see the ubiquitous mobile phone towers; but the modern Bali is rapidly coming to terms with the best that the last 20 years of technological development have to offer – and due to her late entry into the ‘Electronic Age’ at least some of the mistakes and blind alleys of that time are being avoided.

There is something very exciting about being in a tropical home, close to the beach, surrounded by palm trees and rice terraces and yet with the best of the new century’s comforts and entertainment technology at your command.

C151 is a case in point. From the moment the pushbutton, sliding glass door opens you know that here is something quite different to the losmen of old. This is a residence for those who wish to leave Bali at the front door and return to the embrace of 21st century technology and comfort.

This is a brand new, prestigious development in ‘chic’ Bali steps from Kudeta, ‘Eat Street’ and Pettitinget Beach. No expense has been spared and each villa has a compelling combination of minimalism and ultra high-tech with strong emphasis on entertainment.

Most villas feature at least two home cinemas with huge LCD screens and surround sound systems. Speaker and volume controls in every room ensure that the music reaches everywhere and even the 12m swimming pools are equipped with underwater speakers. In the most fully specified villas, there are even LCD screens in the toilets!

Speaking of which, I have never seen a waste-voiding facility which would more suit the chronically OCD amongst us than those in the C151 SMART™ villas. A wave of the hand and the seats lift. A button press to wash, another to dry and a wave to flush. One’s hands need never stray to one’s pink bits!

Bathrooms come complete with steam rooms and multi-jet programmable Jacuzzi-spas.

The technical specifications for the C151 SMART™ Villas go deeper than just the superficial and entertaining. All building hardware is also specified for maximum satisfaction and durability. C151’s high- tech fibre cement and steel structure roofs shelter guests from the heat and create column free rooms perfect for entertaining and relaxation.

The massive timber and glass doors slide open easily to enjoy outdoor living at its best and closed again so the high powered air-conditioning can create the perfect European environment. A button-push closes curtains and blinds and dims selected lights. Gone are the days of hot, open air living with messy thatched roofs and the surprises they harbour.

Despite all the high-tech gadgetry the overall feel of the villas is calm, cool and minimal. Lines are clean and simple. Modern designer furniture sits on rich hardwood floors. Understated art enhances the clean, white walls and everything is in it’s right place, as Radiohead once said; and they might have been inspired by C151’s feeling of intelligent, fresh elegance.

Most of the items in the villas, from the stones around the pool to the high tech kitchens are imported. Glass perimeter walls and automated sliding doors add to the futuristic, open and clean feel of the Villas and laser security beams and CCTV cameras connected to the various LCD TV’s give a sense of safety and security.

Currently C151 offer 14 two and three bedroom SMART Villas and another 7 will be finished before the end of the year.

They are also building 12 world class cliff front villas on 49 meter cliffs overlooking Dreamland Beach and the famous surf-breaks including Impossibles, Bingin and Padang Padang.

Luxury coupled with some of the best real estate available in Bali makes these million dollar villas the ultimate luxury and dream property for short or long term rental, or to buy as the ultimate Bali investment.

C151 SMART™ Villas.

Dream the life, then live the dream.