©Nick Burgoyne 1988 - 2003

I Love You Now The Very First Time  
Follow The Sun    
Feeling The Earth    




I Love You Now.

I breathe in slowly, you appear,
Softly, gently, all comes clear,
The sparkle of your eyes, your skin,
I touch your hand and we begin.

Begin to sense a higher power,
In us both; Then blooms a flower,
Petals wrought from filigree,
A golden web twixt you and me.

My heart is rising in my chest,
In front of me is nature's best,
Slowly, slowly, we divest,
of expectation, fear; and all the rest.

We worry not of days gone by,
Or those yet twinkling in the eye,
Now existing in our breath,
Becoming one in our caress.

Dreaming this? I do not care,
I lead you slowly from your chair,
Unto the place of my repose,
Piece by piece we shed our clothes.

Your skin is softer than I dared,
Your breath is rising, nostrils flared,
Fire burns from feet to eyes,
In-between there's no disguise.

And passion holds us in it's rush,
I kiss your face; I love the touch,
Your lovely form enwraps with mine,
Loving you is pure divine.

Angels dancing on a pin,
Could never feel this peace within,
And lovers meeting in the night,
Know our never ending light.

We may be 'us' for just a while,
But in the now we simply smile,
And closer draw us into one,
Rising with the mighty sun.

I love you now,
That's all I care,
As you love me,
We make a pair.




Follow the Sun

Follow the sun,
Ask the butterfly,
Heart as summer dreamtime,
Music inside my glowing balls,

Woman !
            Eat you like snow.



Feeling The Earth.

feeling the earth
the energy of the sphere
rising up
and up
grounding and soaring at the same time.
yin and yang
a focus
for the earth and sky converge within

roaring and laughing
grunting and moaning
and grinding
pumping and enveloping

which is which ?
one pulls the other pushes
one rises the other falls
one is penetrated the other penetrates
one accepts the other is accepted
yin and yang
the whole of creation flows thus
as I flow into you
like a waterfall
into a pool of unfathomable depth

i am inside you
hard and electric
you are around me
but the boundary is blurred
you feel hard and I feel a softness
the hard of me is felt by you
the soft of me is you
the circle is complete
the 180 degrees
from here to there which is here
(makes 360)
all in the meeting of the one flesh
meeting of male and female and the earth and sky
and making love
and caressing
shouting and listening
seeing and being examined

and sucking
pinching, biting and scratching
and reaching
gasping for breath and carrying on

there is no control
and we head into mutual self-abandonment
tasting the deepest reaches of our animal being
flavour of ancient times
jutting into our modern life
not so far removed
from 'not modern'
by the frolicking humans
in the wildflower meadow
splicing their genes
joining the loins
removing more than clothes from the illusion of the 21st century
you are so wet
and pink
engorged vulva sliding up and down my taught shaft
urging us on and on into a discovery of nowhere and nothing, everywhere and everything
i shudder to a massive explosion of white energy and plasma
filling your womb with heat and light
enlarging you
and chaining within you
your rush surges through my body
and brings me to release
which surges through your body
and mine
and yours

till we lie in our own puddle
a breeze
into everything…



The Very First Time

The very first time,
Was like torrents of rain,
Washing my mind clear,
It left me in chains,
I was bound to you,
Did not want release,
Contentment in drifting,
Pure bliss and peace,
Deeper the lightning,
Which struck to my core,
Burrowed in further,
And in sank your claw,
I really was captured,
I stood no chance,
I was told it was deadly,
Never gave it a glance.

But the very first time,
Was fire in the night,
You raised up my spirit to it's fullest height,
And hanging, a feather,
Upon a still breeze,
Always in balance,
Ever at ease.

But the Very first time,
Was like God coming Home,
I'll never again feel quite all of that warmth.

But the very first time,
Was melting of ice,
Spring into summer,
Love into Life.