I Am An Angel - Appeal for Funds
Support the Families of Bereaved Locals

All of these KIDS lost at least one parent in the October 12th Bali Bombings

Om Bhur Bhuah Svah Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Dhevasya Dhimahi Dhyo Yo Nah Pracodayat.
<This is a Hindu mantra which the Balinese learn as children and recite every day before classes begin>


51 children were presented with Adidas trainers and shirts by Miss Universe Japan at a recent gathering at the Bali Hyatt, Sanur. This was organised by Yayasan K.I.D.S. for the 51 bereaved children  Miss Mino Chiba is in the picture on the right.
Apologies for the late update of this site & many thanks for all of you who have sent donations. Your money has been greatly appreciated & put to good use.

We have been able to give Rp.6,500,000 ( approx US$733) to a new charity called Yayasan K.I.D.S. who are a non profit organisation started by the Indonesian staff of Courts, to provide a guaranteed education program for those children who have lost one or more parents as a result of the Bali bombs. Monies raised will be invested to provide continuing education up to and including university for the brighter kids.

K.I.D.S has been registered by the Ministry of Justice (Court of Denpasar, Bali Indonesia) No 37 dated 19/12/02 . The charity has been given coverage on the BBC News on 20/1 in England & has a donation account set up there too.

They are helping 51 from children from 24 families who need approximately Rp.2,000,000 a year to attend school. Their names are available through the charity.


You can check out more about K.I.D.S on their website http://kids.mysitespace.com
or e mail them at:   kidsfund@hotmail.com

They also have a mailing list at kidsupdate@yahoo.com & are making monthly newsletters which will report on two of the children’s progress each month.

One of the above mentioned families is Endang Isnsnik the 31 year old widow of 37 year old Aris Munandar ( who worked as a bemo driver outsite Paddys bar) & her 3 children – Garil Arnanda 10, Dwiga Meiza 5, & Izzul Haq 2 & a half years old. They live in Kepaon just outside Denpasar & are one of the eight families from this area affected by the bomb.

We visited them, by chance, on the same day as a ceremony being held for Aris, 100 days after his death, as is the Muslim custom and spoke a little with Endang about her life now. Since the bomb she has been living on hand outs from private agencies or the government ( she was given Rp.4,000,000 by the govt. for Aris’s destroyed car which was valued at Rp.40,000, 000), but the future is unclear for her. She is unable to work because she suffers from a rheumatic disease which affects her left knee & right hand which are always swollen. She has to take medicine everyday so that she can walk.

The day we met her she had no money to buy this medicine & had also been loosing sleep over where she was going to get the rent money from for a new house. The owner wants to sell the rented house she is in now & the family is about to be evicted. She didn’t have the Rp.2,500,000 needed to rent a new house for one year. We were able to give Endang
Rp.7, 386,000 (approx US$832) from your donations & she could buy her medicine & start to find a house for her family to live in. She was overwhelmed by the kindness of the donors & said she would save the rest of the money to help her in the future.

It was a joy to meet this lady who faces her uncertain future with hope & strength “I believe that behind every incident, there is some goodness fro human beings” she told me.

Endang and family today Endang and family before October 12th


Made Bisma Pratama is a six year old Balinese boy, who lost his father in the Bali Bomb tragedy. Made Sujana, aged 37, was a security guard at the Sari Club. His body was not recovered, although a recent DNA test result from a lower jaw fragment has now reassured his family that he was indeed killed in the bomb. They are happy with this proof of death, and now can complete the final funeral rites (Upacara). Made leaves behind his wife, Wayan, and their three children – Made Bisma, his eleven year old sister, Wayan Limna, and younger brother, three year old Nyoman Purnama.

In January 2003, Made Bisma had severe stomach cramps and it was necessary to admit him to Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar. He was diagnosed with a blocked intestine which required surgery. His father had just been killed, his mother had no money for the operation, and was told unless she could produce a ‘surat miskin’ (official verification of poverty status), the hospital could not proceed as they were no longer helping families victimized by the bomb.

Luckily, the local government and several charitable agencies came forward and Made underwent surgery. He was sent home within two days.

Two days later, Made developed severe stomach pain and went back to Sanglah. He was given free medicine, and sent back home. The next day, he was hospitalized for observation – x-rays revealed infection and inflammation. Now seven days after the first operation, six year old Made, suffering from high fever and convulsions, underwent his second surgery. Internal stitches had opened which was ascribed to not having adequate bed rest for healing.

Coincidentally, Made’s mother was handed a plastic bag as they checked out of Sanglah. The contents were the remains of the father’s DNA sample.

Luckily, Made is one of the children sponsored by Yayasan K.I.D.S., and donation money helped to pay for the medicine needed for his operation and recovery. He is very grateful and shyly showed us the scar on his belly. This scar will be a life long reminder of what this family has endured, but also of the people who have helped in their time of need. Yayasan K.I.D.S. is sponsoring Made, his sister, and brother with funding to complete their schooling. Without this help they would be forced to quit school as their mother is currently unable to support them. She is now learning a home based skill in hope to start earning money while looking after her youngest child until he is ready to start school. She is very thankful for the donations and care received and is hopeful she will soon learn to support her family on her own.

Wayan feels blessed that her son is alive.


The children of 37 year old Made Sujana
who was a security guard at the Sari Club
Made showing us the scars from
his double surgery




After you send your donation, PLEASE email Maria to let her know the amount and where you donated.   Email Maria at Maria Jacques  < bouncy@dps.centrin.net.id >

Messages From Maria

November 8th

Another Rp.10,000,000 has been given to the Kuta Banjar for the immediate relief of the people in Kuta. They have been able to give the 226 families Rp.1,500,000 a month so far, just to eat & survive. But the situation is obviously a continuing one and is expanding throughout the whole of Bali as many people lose their jobs within a contracting tourist industry. Donations are still needed!!

We are collaborating with Ruth Morgan in Ireland to make Christmas cards featuring the ‘Another Bali Sunset’ and ‘Muslim Rose’ pictures from this site. All the money from the sale of these ( €50 & €20 ) will go to the fund.

Also girls singlets have been made ( photo available soon) which will be sold in the Bouncywear shops in Bali, with all profits going to the fund. Bouncywear will also put the singlets into the January New York boutique show, & donate US$10 from each sale to the Kuta Banjar.


21st October

We have now set up direct links with an amazing lady at the Kuta Banjar (village council where the bombings took place). The first distributions took place yesterday and they are distributing the funds directly to the people in need NOW!

Immediately the money is being used to provide food for people who have lost their livelihoods and for some Indonesians who still need treatment - having been too frightened to attend the hospitals. When life is more 'normal', it will assist those who need to rebuild their houses and shops.

If you wish to make your donation directly to this cause, please email me,
at (bouncy@dps.centrin.net.id) and I will give you further details.

When we receive details back from the Banjar, we will let you know on what the money has been spent - we'll post it on this site.

Thank You,
Maria Jacques

Donations have already arrived from the following:

  Peter & Maria, (Moment 23) Sweden US$600
Bouncywear factory workers (Bali) Rp360,000
Lyn Sands (Ananda) England £462.33
Hilary Jones ( Soup Dragon) England £100
Melanie Yearow (Karmic Angel) Canada US$100
Trish Pontin (Australia) AU$50
Owen Eastwood Rp.1,390,000
Lorraine Jacques (England) US$455.91
Deborah, Bonnie, Jennifer & Made,
       Caroline and Maria (Bali) Rp1,100,000
Peggy Read (New Zealand) $142.65
Asha (Jakarta) Rp.1,000,000
Dawn (Thailand) 2,000 Baht
Marta Cseri (Australia) AU$200
Andy Jones (England) £50
Darren & Lorraine Robinson (Ireland) US$100
Garry Fell (Bali) Rp.300,000
Clare Mulholland US$200 & Rp.600,000
Daniel Mulholland Rp.1,400,000
Andre Karlstadt Rp.1,000,000


Messages from Maria Jacques


24th October

As I mentioned in the last message we are directly working with the Kuta Banjar now & our first Rp.10,000,000 donation (approx US$1000) has gone towards feeding 226 families in Kuta that have lost all means of income due to the bombing of their community. Our aim to give each family 1,500,000Rp a month for 3 months just for them to buy food & survive & later to help those who need to rebuild their shops & homes. Ways of employing these people are being set up too, to try & get them some form of income & self worth. There are plans for river & temple cleaning schemes as well as involvement of the rebuilding of Kuta at a later date.
Basically all money coming in now is being used for immediate relief for the people who have lost everything.

If you want to donate directly to help these people survive , you can e mail Maria at bouncy@dps.centrin.net.id  & I will give you further details, as this is a separate fund from the Bali Hati Foundations accounts mentioned here.


14th October

The response to the email I sent yesterday has been fantastic, with already donations of around $1000 and has now turned into the “I’m an Angel” fund to directly help the Balinese people effected by the terrible tragedy of October 12th . There will be T shirts available soon, with the “I’m an Angel” logo too.

We met with the Bali Crisis Center leader this morning who will help us to distribute funds acquired, as the center has been working directly with all the victims of the blast & their families.

As I said in the mail yesterday, a little help from everyone will go a long way.
The average wage here in Bali per month is about $45 & $30 will send a child to school with their uniform & books.

It is still unsure just how many Indonesians have died or been injured, as the numbers are changing all the time. The Sanglah Hospital here remains the hub of the crisis, with many volunteers & workers still helping the injured & trying to coordinate everything from the lists of those “still missing”; to the makeshift assembly of plywood coffins in the daily expanding morgue

The Balinese have started to mourn their dead & processions of people in their black ceremonial dress fill the streets.

We will update this site as more news unfolds, just please keep on sending the donations!!



email Maria at Maria Jacques

< bouncy@dps.centrin.net.id >


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