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A Message from the Balinese at Ground Zero in Kuta to the World
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Jodie O'Shea Orphanage

This is from the Melbourne Herald Sun
I'm the one with the wild eyes...

One World Of Love & Pain


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Ground zero is like a black hole of Hell where all your energy gets sucked through,
 And you feel all the sadness and sorrows just rushing through your heart,
It feels like you're going to explode with tears,
And just break down and cry,
But it won’t always come out that moment,
It might come out of the blue and you’ll cry, just like that.

Sayang Perini-Ropp aged 10 years


I am an Angel Appeal:
Help Indonesian Victims

In The Arms of The Angels • The Tribute

November 2002
Photographs of Kuta from the Air

February 2003
Ground Zero Panorama


The banner for the 2003 Karnival - a month long festival in Bali.


Bali Bomb Horror - My Report My BBC Report 
TIME & Newsweek Reports Interview by Boston PBS
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