Supplier Price Screen


This portion of the Item Screen displays the prices for this item.  The system defaults to picking the highest price for the item - so the highest Item price is always displayed in the costing screens.  However, it is possible to choose the supplier, and hence the price, when assigning Supplier Orders.  Suppliers of this item are added by clicking on the rectangle on the left of the empty line.  

This will pop-up a list of suppliers as below:

From this list a supplier is chosen and their name appears in the next box.  The price for this item is then entered.  The program automatically formats the display with commas so you don't have to.

To delete the entry, click the icon.

Pressing 'List all Supplier Prices' leads to the following screen:

This shows which suppliers supply which items and at what price.  It can be particularly useful to sort the table in different ways and this is accomplished by pressing the Sort button or the pre-set buttons to sort by Item Code, Supplier No. and Supplier Name.