Supplier Orders


When the Supplier Orders button is pressed from the Main menu the Supplier Order Control Screen appears.  This is where orders to suppliers may be reviewed and then dispatched.   

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This screen controls a very complex set of operations but it is laid out to provide an intuitive route to manage Supplier Orders.  Supplier Orders are usually generated from the Customer Order screen and from there they are sent to this screen to manage and dispatch.   

When orders are first generated they have a status of "Pending".  This changes to "On Order" when the order is sent to the supplier.  Whilst the item is "Pending" it is still possible to delete it.  After this time it has become 'live' and must be adjusted in the 'Real World' as well as within the computer system.  When part of an order has been delivered, it's status changes to Part Complete; when it is delivered the status becomes "Complete".

Status Description
Pending Order newly created
On Order Order sent to supplier
Part Complete Order has been partially delivered
Complete Order is complete.


Supplier Orders are usually generated from the Customer Orders screen.  When the $ icon is pressed the following screen appears:

Here orders for suppliers are divided between the different suppliers for that item (as defined from the Items Screen  and into quantities which are manageable for those suppliers.


Enter a quantity into the black box, and select the supplier to whom the order will be sent by pressing the Choose button. 

A list of Suppliers appears as below:

Select the required supplier by clicking the red select icon.

Ignore the message (which is a bug - just press OK) and the Stock screen is opened with the message "Supplier Order Created".  The stock screen is displayed to show that the supplier order has been added at the bottom of the list.  When the OK button is pressed the user is returned to the first screen and the new Supplier Order is displayed at the bottom.  The following order has been broken into 3 pieces.

In the above screen, three supplier orders have been created.  They can be seen in the Supplier Order Control screen as pending orders.

Press the "Go To C.O."  to go to Customer Orders; "Go To S.O." to go to Supplier Orders, Stock to go to the Stock Screen and select Close to return to the Main Menu.