Stock Screen


This is where the stock totals for all the furniture, in all the stages of production, shipping and sales are held.  Stock enters the system when it is ordered from the supplier and leaves when it is sold.  Several of the operations regarding customer orders and shipping require that a stock record exists and there must be stock available in the "Ready Stock Jepara" field to ship.  Stock is moved around in this table automatically in response to certain actions within the system, such as stock arriving from a supplier or stock being loaded into a container. 

The above screen is fairly self explanatory.  Raw stock arrives from a supplier - this is noted on the Supplier Order Control Screen which updates the Raw Stock field.  Stock is then moved into the "Production" or "Finishing" stage.  This is accomplished by entering the quantity in the "To Production" field and pressing the button.  When stock has left  the production stage it is checked into the "Ready Stock" field, using the "From Production" field and button. 

The next stage for stock is shipping.  Items from a Customer Order are considered 'Sold' and items entered on the Packing and Invoicing screen are considered 'Unsold'.  This gives the next two fields, "Unsold Stock on Sea" and  "Sold Stock on Sea". 


This list of supplier orders sits under the main Stock screen.  It details the orders to suppliers for this item.  The quantity of stock "Pending" and "On Order" per supplier is listed here under "Qty." and the total fills the "On Order from Supplier" field on the main stock screen.