Price Loading / Discount Percentages


It is in this screen that the different Price Lists are created by assigning different Percentage values to Individual Items in one of 6 Percentage Bands.  This gives a possibility of one 'No Change' pricelist and 6 Percentage Increases or Decreases.  0.01 is 1%; -0.1 is a 10% Discount.  Discounts are shown in Red to avoid errors.

So, every item can have one of 6 different percentage loadings or discounts.  With the current record count of 635, this makes a total of 3810 different price discounts which may be entered for the entire Item table.  Obviously, this is a lot of work, so I have written a script ( Replace %1 All ) to perform a bulk update for all the percentages in one band - in one run. 

The above example updates all of band Percent_1 to give a 10%discount.  This is teh only line that need be changed to update any band to any percentage. 
Set Field ["Percent_5", "-.07"]  will update band Percent_5 with a 7% discount, for all items.  Remember that the discounts are on a "Per Item" basis and therefore it is possible to have an individual discount, for each item, within any of the 6 bands.

Select the Discount or loading band (None, Percent_1, Percent_2,..., Percent_6) and click "Print Pricelist".  A pricelist is generated for that price band, with the "Percentage" band  printed at the top.