How To:-



Add New Items

Go to Item Screen
Click New and fill in the details
Click Finishing Costs, fill in the details on that screen
Add Suppliers by clicking on the leftmost box (per row) in the Suppliers portal at the bottom
Add Photograph and Technical Drawing by clicking on their respective buttons and choosing the image. 
Change the Price Percentages to the correct values
Click Go To Stock - This creates a new Stock record

Create New Stock Record

Click the Go To Stock Button on the Item page.

Enter New Customer Order

Click New on the Customer Order Screen.  A new record is created and is automatically given a new Customer Order No.
Select a Customer from the Customer pop-up list and enter their reference details if necessary.
Select click on the top row of the portal under the word Item Code.  Type the Item Code here.  For convenience, a pop-up Item list is provided at the bottom of the screen.  This can be used to check that an item code is valid and may be copied by selecting the item code and using the windows clipboard to cut and paste into the new order line field.

Create Supplier Order

Click the button on the customer order screen, on the relevant order line and you are taken to the Supplier Order  


Dispatch Orders to Suppliers

From the Main Menu select Supplier Orders
Select View the Pending Orders.  These have been generated by the system but not dispatched to a supplier.

Receive Supplier Orders



Create New Container



Assign Order Lines to a Container



Add  Items not from an Order to a Container

Dispatch Container

Update Stock on Arrival of Container

Update Stock when Sold