Customer Orders Screen


This screen details the Orders made by Customers.  Before this screen can be filled, Items must exist in the Item and Stock tables and there must be Customers and Suppliers.  (See Data Flow Diagram).  Starting from the entry of the order, this screen controls all the processes from the Customer Order point of view.  


The Upper Portion contains the details referring to the order as a whole.  Which customer made the order, the Order No., 


The Lower Portion contains the individual lines which make up an order.  Each order is made up of one or more items, one or more times.  That is, there can be many items ordered of one or more type of item. 

It is important that an item is only listed here once per order because the combination of Item Code and Order Number are used as a Unique Key to track Items ordered from suppliers and 


How To / What is...

Add New Customer Order and Order Lines

  • First, click the New button on the top left of the screen.  This will create an empty customer order record with a new unique Customer Order No.  These numbers are sequential.  Click on the Customer Number field and a list of customers will appear.  Select the  customer who is making this order.  Only one customer is permitted per order.


  • Click on the Item code box and enter the Item Code.  If the item code exists, the description and price will appear in the next two fields. 


  • If this is a Priority Item, click the Priority Items checkbox and a red exclamation mark will appear in it.  This displays in the Packing / Invoicing screen and assists with the swift dispatch of the goods, should it be necessary.  


  • Enter the Order Quantity.  (Sometimes it is necessary to 'Tab' to this field as under certain circumstances Filemaker does not recognise a mouse click at this point.  This seems to be a 'feature' of FileMaker The total value of the order line is displayed in the next field. 

The Item Code and Quantity fields are the only two required fields per order line.   

The Next Two fields show how much of the order is complete, in number of pieces and value. 


  • Then follows the total number of pieces of this item which remain to be shipped.  This is the quantity on 'Backorder' - that which has been ordered but not delivered.  When an order is first entered this will be the Order Quantity.


  • The next 3 fields all display a stock value.  The Raw stock, the number On Order from the supplier and the number of Ready Items - those waiting to be shipped. Raw stock is that stock which has arrived from the supplier but which has not been 'Finished' yet.  
    This gives an instant overview of the stock status of the particular item - allowing production schedules to be set and requirements to be forecast.

The last four icons on each row are all buttons which perform functions pertinent to each order line. 
  • The red tick mark opens the Stock record for this Item Code. 
  • The Dollar symbol takes the user to the Supplier Orders screen.  It is here that the order is broken down into manageable quantities for the assigned to one or more suppliers. 
  • The Suitcase icon takes the user to the Load Items screen in which the items are assigned to a container.   Each container has a new Packing / Invoicing record and this must be created before the next step.  This can be done before, during or after the loading (stuffing) of the actual container but must be complete before the Loading List is generated.
  • The dustbin icon deletes the current order line.






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